10 Acne Products in Our Credo Shopping Cart

In a country that allows the notoriously dirty beauty industry to regulate itself, one-stop shops are a godsend to those of us trying to avoid nasty ingredients (and save on shipping).

Mission-driven company Credo — Latin for “I believe” — understands that knowledge is beautiful and that we shouldn’t have to compromise our health when it comes to beauty. Their goal is to change the way we think about the ingredients we put on our bodies. Their products abide by their dirty ingredients list, which will evolve “with technology as [they] learn what is good and what isn’t.” We hope that this will eventually include attention to ingredients that are derived from untraceable palm oil — or perhaps a spotlight on the items that are palm-oil free.

To this end, Credo curates products that are devoid of known harmful ingredients or animal byproducts (note: some products do contain beeswax or lanolin) or those that test on animals. Connecting the dots between health and beauty, 1% of every purchase is donated to Lipstick Angels, an organization that offers compassionate bedside delivery of makeup and skin care to cancer and other chronically ill hospital patients.  

We want to highlight their excellent curation to further support the palm-oil free options available online and at their four brick and mortar stores. Below are ten items we're popping in our shopping cart to get us through our skin troubles. Remember: when trying out a new product, your skin might need time to adjust — read this guide to help determine if your skin flare ups are purging or a reaction. 

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