Welcome to the Palm-Oil Egg Hunt! 

Before you hunt for Easter eggs this upcoming Sunday, test your skills by looking for ingredients that are commonly derived from conflict palm-oil.

We thought it might be fun to make a game out of what is truly the most annoying part of being palm-oil free: checking ingredients lists. It will be a challenge - some are definitely harder to find than others. Each day, we'll post five or so 'eggs' that fall under the following categories: basics, fatty acids, glyceryl monoesters, stearates, and palmitates. The better we understand the more complex palm-oil derivatives that are out there, the more we are in control of our own environmental impact:

It's not guaranteed that these ingredients are derived from palm-oil, only a very strong possibility. To know definitively, we encourage you to open a dialogue with that company to let them know you care. You can also check our verified brand list here.

Click on individual eggs below to access posts on what these ingredients are and how they are made:

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